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Haleakala National Park

Product Number: 1913
Retail Price: 4.95 $3.71

Author: Kirsten Whatley

Page Count: 12
ISBN: 978-1-57306-191-9
Type Cover: 4x9.25 folded

Case Counts: 360


Haleakala National Park - Kirsten Whatley


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About this title:

Everything you need to know for your visit to the park at the summit of Maui's Haleakala Volcano. Learn when to go, how to get there, what to wear and what to take with you. Photos and text provide a preview and advice about hiking, cycling and other activities and natural wonders.


"Bess Press is hitting another one out of the park, and very likely walking away with a major share of the market for Haleakala guidebooks too... it gives very good Haleakala-specific information on clothing, weather, altitude and animals... Even people relatively familiar with the volcano and the park are likely to find surprises here... Convenient, indestructible, and succinct. Perfect."

- Maui Weekly

"A couple more of the stoutly printed and folded instant guides -- sized to fit in your back pocket -- and priced at a gimme-gimme level."

- Honolulu Star-Bulletin

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