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CRDG (Curriculum Research & Development Group, College of Ed at UH Manoa)

A History of Hawaii, 3rd Edition, Teacher's Manual

A History of Hawaii, 3rd Edition, Teacher's Manual

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The third edition of A History of Hawaiʻi is a comprehensive account of Hawaiʻi’s history that includes primary source documents, political cartoons, stories and poems, graphs, maps, and activities fostering students’ critical thinking. The Teacherʻs Guide contains a complete set of lesson plans and activities. Each chapter includes a summary, main ideas, and objectives. Reproducible handouts, suggested answers to direct critical thinking questions, and supplemental lessons provide a framework within which teachers can decide how much of the Hawaiian history they will cover in their lessons. Lessons can be used in a variety of ways: stand-alone lessons, project-based lessons, and informal or formal assessment development as well as sovereignty and the conflict over the Thirty Meter Telescope.


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