Bess Press is committed to publishing authors, illustrators, and creators of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We have and continue to enjoy collaborating with authors as a collaborative publisher.

To encourage submissions from a wide range of potential authors, Bess Press has an open submissions policy. We accept submissions of any project type that is suited to our list, from books to gift products.

Submission Requirements

Before sending projects to us, please read the following requirements carefully and then review the additional guidelines for Trade Book and Educational Book submissions as applicable to your project.

PLEASE NOTE: These guidelines are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a solicitation of any manuscript, artwork, transparencies, or other material.

We DO NOT accept:

— Any submissions with content unrelated to Hawaiʻi and Oceania.

We DO accept:

— Adult Trade Submissions (non-fiction)

— Children’s Submissions (board books, picture books, middle grade, or young adult)

— Portfolio Submissions (freelance illustrator, photographer, or other visual artist guidelines)

— Freelance Writer Submissions

General Guidelines for Submissions

For Trade Book Submissions

> We currently accept submissions by email only, which can be sent to

> Please attach your proposal to your email as a single Word file or PDF, and keep the file under 5MB. 

> Please allow three months for the editorial team to review a proposal.

> Given the volume of proposals we receive, we cannot ensure that we will be able to personally respond to each submission unless we are interested in pursuing the project.

> Submissions need to be submitted in their entirety. Bess Press will not review partial or incomplete submissions.

> Please do not send story, book, or concept queries, they will not be responded to.

> Because we currently only accept digital submissions, we are not responsible for any materials that our mailed to our physical location. If any materials are physically mailed, they will not be returned. Please send materials digitally for review. If your submission includes original artwork, please provide copies with your submission.

For Education Book Submissions

Please contact Bess Press directly and be prepared to mail in a physical manuscript to:

Bess Press Inc.

ATTN: Education Submissions, 3565 Harding Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96816 

What to Include in Your Proposal

> Books for younger children may be submitted in their entirety without querying first. Projects for older children—such as chapter books or YA novels—should be submitted by query letter, synopsis, and three (3) sample chapters.

> For manuscripts that are part of a series, please submit the first installment only. Information about the rest of the series may be included in the cover letter.

> A one-page cover letter giving a brief description of the project and why you think Bess Press should publish it. If your proposal is a simultaneous submission (submission to other publishers), please indicate this in your cover letter.

> An analysis of the potential readership for the book. Who is the consumer? Include a list of similar titles that are already available on the market, including the publisher, date of publication, and a brief explanation of how your project differs from those that already exist.

> An author/illustrator/photographer biography that includes any publishing credits or credentials in the field. 

Response Expectations

We receive a large volume of book submissions every month. For this reason, we are not able to track receipt of or answer queries about individual submissions. If you are interested in submitting a work, please review all of the "General Guidelines" above.