A Field Guide to Hawaii's Coastal Organisms: Algae and Invertebrates

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ISBN: 9781583511657

Have you ever collected shells or seaweed at the beach and wondered what they were called? On your next trip, explore some of the sea creatures that live along the Hawaiian coast with the help of this waterproof guide! A Field Guide to Hawaii’s Coastal Organisms: Algae and Invertebrates includes scientific, common, and Hawaiian names, full-color photos, and identification information for the most common algae (limu) and invertebrate organisms found along Hawaiʻi’s shoreline.


Authors: Joanna Philippoff, Caroline Wood, Kanoe Morishige, Florybeth F. La Valle, Matthew Wood, and Anuschka Faucci


spiral binding   |   8 pages   |   9.5" x 11.5"   |   color