A History of Hawaiʻi, 3rd Edition, Student Book

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ISBN: 9781583511565

The third edition of A History of Hawaiʻi is a complete account of Hawaiʻi’s history that includes primary source documents, political cartoons, stories and poems, graphs, maps, and activities helping students’ critical thinking. The book covers the following three units: Unit 1: 1778 to 1900, Unit 2: 1900 to 1945, Unit 3: 1945 to the present. Within the time period, each unit addresses four topics: Government and Political History Economic History Social History Land History The new text includes greatly expanded coverage of Hawaiian cultural and political movements from the eighteenth through the twenty-first centuries, from the overthrow and annexation to the Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage. It also includes biographies of many cultural practitioners and activists. Coverage goes up to 2016, highlighting current economic and social issues including education, homelessness, and rail development as well as sovereignty and the conflict over the Thirty Meter Telescope.


by Leah Tau-Tassill, Linda K. Menton, Eileen H. Tamura


hardcover   |   496 pages   |   10.5" x 8.5"   |   color