Animals Sing Aloha

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ISBN: 9781933067292

This ground-breaking book is designed to introduce young children to phonics, or the symbol-sound relationship of the alphabet. It can be read or sung to an original tune (see music score inside). Each letter of the alphabet can be traced with your child’s finger, spoken out loud, and recognized with a visual cue that connects the sound, word, and object — all within a Hawai‘i-based context. Kids won’t even realize they’re learning — they’ll simply love the rhythm and repetition of the text, the colorful illustrations by Ron Louie, and the interactive fun of tracing all the letters.

Animals Sing Aloha is the perfect starter book for the smallest keiki who’s just beginning his or her love affair with books and reading.


by Vera Arita

Illustrated by Ron Louie


board book   |   20 pages   |   5" x 6"   |   color