ʻAumākua: Guardians of Hawaii, Vol. 2

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ISBN: 9780578363141

Join the action, adventure, drama and local kine buss laff humor of these present day guardians. Introducing The Royal Hawaiian Guard, Portuguese Man O War, Geckoman, Sistah Shark, Super Size Sole, The Might Moke, Seoul Hot, and The Phantom Surfer together in ʻAumākua Tradeback Volume 2 (a collection of ʻAumākua #3 “Locked Up”, #4 “The Realm of Ku”, and #5 “Home Invasion”).


Author & Illustrator Christopher Caravahlo created Mana Comics in 2014 to celebrate ethnic diversity and showcase heroes from Hawai‘i. From an early age, Caravahlo dreamed of heroes he could identify with and always thought the idea of superheroes from the Hawaiian Islands would be NO KA OI (the best!).


softcover   |   160 pages   |   6.75" x 10.25"   |   color