Beautiful Birds of Hawaiʻi Coloring Book

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ISBN: 9781880188439

Beautiful Birds of Hawaiʻi features the detailed work of renowned nature artist Patrick Ching. This a coloring book is the perfect introduction for children to learn about the diversified assortment of rare and commonly seen birds in Hawai‘i.

With each illustration comes a definition providing details about the bird’s characteristics and habitats. Also listed are each bird’s original endemic (found only in Hawai‘i), indigenous (native to Hawai‘i and also other parts of the world), and migratory (spending the winter in Hawai‘i and flying far away to breeding grounds in the summer). Today most of the birds we see in the lowlands were introduced to Hawai‘i from other parts of the world.

More birds have become extinct in Hawai‘i than in all the rest of the US put together. This colloring book opens up children to the natural world of Hawai‘i's birds from yesterday and today!


by Patrick Ching


paperback   |   32 pages   |   11" x 8.5"