Chuukese Readers Set 1 (bilingual)

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ISBN: 9781573065573

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Level Concept: Learning To Read

The set covers predictable, repetitive patterns. Repetitive language along with illustrations help children to predict what happens next, without decoding the words themselves. This level is recommended to be read with an adult the first couple of times so that children may establish the repetitive pattern and feel successful reading the books independently. Each book contains a pronunciation guide.

Set 1 Themes:

  • Ideal for Emergent Readers
  • Simple sentences with repetitive patterns
  • High-interest stories with local island themes
  • Playful illustrations to reinforce text

10 book set titles

  • Non an eke chon atake ewe market/At The Farmers Market
  • Ewe Luau/At The Luau
  • Aewan Ranin Sukun/First Day Of School
  • Foun Ira/Fruits
  • Apwapw non ewe Zoo/Fun At The Zoo
  • Mei Or Wiisei/I Have A Job
  • Ngang mei Aninis/I Help
  • Gang Met?/What Am I?
  • Nupwen Ua Netuw non ewe Sat/When I Look In The Water
  • E nom wren io ekkewe chori?/ Who Has the Slippers?


paperback   |   32-48 pages   |   5.5" x 8.5"   |   full color illustrations & photographs

* all books sold in single set, includes all 10 books shown