Buss Laugh

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ISBN: 9781573063166

Buss Laugh presents a varied collection of prose and poetry, reflecting Hawaiʻi’s distinct diversity and cultural representation. This collaborative compilation is another testament to nationally recognized Pidgin author Lee Tonouchi’s fight to have Pidgin recognized as a defining language representing Hawaiʻi’s peoples.

Through many humorous anecdotes, this book’s collective representation holds stories from well-known and obscure local authors. The stories depict the cultural and ethnographic make-up of Hawaiʻi.


Author Lee A. Tonouchi, a.k.a Da Pidgin Guerrilla, is co-editor of the Hybolics literary magazine, writer of da award-winning Pidgin short story collection Da Word, and author of da essay collection Living Pidgin: Contemplations on Pidgin Culture.


paperback   |   102 pages   |   6" x 9"   |   B&W