Da Kine Dictionary

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ISBN: 9781573061360

Howzit Howzit. Wot you stay holding is one copy of Da Kine Dictionary: Da Hawai‘i Community Pidgin Dictionary Projeck.

Da cool ting about dis book is dat we not only inducing each contributor’s word, definition, and sentence, but we also get their name, wot school day went, and wot year dey grad. All dat informations stay insai da book too.

Dis is Pidgin as defined by Hawai‘i’s people.


Author Lee A. Tonouchia.k.a Da Pidgin Guerrilla, is co-editor of the Hybolics literary magazine, writer of da award-winning Pidgin short story collection Da Word, and author of da essay collection Living Pidgin: Contemplations on Pidgin Culture.


paperback   |   112 pages   |   6" x 9"   |   color



“Here’s a glossy new-century update that shows pidgin is still thriving and capable of being analyzed. Tonouchi picks some whack kine phrases and the overall mood is pretty funny... Impossible for stay grumpy wen read em lidat.“

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

“... I wen learn you gotta no bote Pidgin an good kine english for survive in Hawaii.

If you don’t understand or don’t relate to what I just wrote you need a copy of Lee Tonouchi’s Da Kine Dictionary.“

West Hawaii Today

“A successor of sorts to the Pidgin To Da Max series of the 1980s, the book contains about 360 pidgin words, their meaning, sentences, using the words, and when relevant, word origins. They also include the names for those contributing each word as well wea an what yea dey wen grad information. “

The Honolulu Advertiser

“As Pidgin constantly evolves and as more words are created, Tonouchi hopes to perpetuate Pidgin so that a lot of the older vocabularies aren't lost. He plans on collecting more words for da future expanded big bumboocha edition of Da Kine Dictionary.

I tink da mo words you know da mo powah to you, Tonouchi said. So go learn em all brah. In fack I still like know mo too.”

The Kapio Newspress

“Mr. Tonouchi... says he has spoken to more than 100 schools and community organizations for his cause. He’s on the verge of releasing his third book dubbed Da Kine Dictionary, and recruited his comrade University of Hawaii lecturer and pidgin expert Kent Sakoda to help teach the groundbreaking classes at Hawaii Pacific.”

The Wall Street Journal