Elvis in Hawaiʻi

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ISBN: 9781573061421

In Elvis in Hawaiʻi, former Hawaiʻi resident and celebrity biography Jerry Hopkins tells the story of the King of Rock and Roll’s 20 year love affair with the Hawaiian Islands and its people. Over 100 photos, many previously unpublished, document Elvis’s ties to Hawai‘i, the site of two of his most important concerts, the setting for 3 of his films, and up to a few months before he died, a favorite vacation spot.

A must for Elvis fans, and anyone interested in 50s, 60s and 70s Hawai‘i, this revealing portrait offers new perspectives on the life and career of a legendary performer.


Author Jerry Hopkins, a 20-year veteran of the Rolling Stone magazine, is the author of 2 other books about Elvis Presley: Elvis: A Biography and Elvis: The Final Years, both international bestsellers. Hopkins also wrote biographies of Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Raquel Welch and Yoko Ono. Hopkins was a resident of Hawai‘i from 1976-1993.


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“... an interesting keepsake filled with photographs and memorabilia. Hopkins not only chronicles Elvis’s time in Hawaii and his three Hawaiian movies, but also the lasting effect Presley has had on Hawaii—and the effect Hawaii had on Presley... I'm pleased with the book for what it means to Elvis fans, but it’s also a snapshot of Hawaii’s recent history.”

—Honolulu Star-Bulletin

“Jerry Hopkins’ Elvis in Hawaiʻi explores through anecdotes and memorabilia the improbable 20-year love affair between Hawaii and the King of Rock n' Roll... a lavishly illustrated 88-page book.”

—Spirit of Aloha Magazine

“Jerry Hopkins’ book Elvis in Hawaiʻi may answer the question What do you get for the star who has everything? For Elvis Presley who was a regular visitor in Hawaii for almost twenty years it may have been as simple as an undisturbed walk along a sandy shore... Through colorful pictures, some previously unseen, and vintage illustrations, Hopkins elegantly captures two decades of Elvis mania never more distinctive than on the islands which became his second home.”

—Oahu Island News

Elvis In Hawaiʻi is a unique look at the life of the legendary rock singer Elvis Presley, focusing especially on his love of the Hawaiian islands and the people who lived there. Elvis’ fondness of his favorite vacation spot is brought to life with over 100 black-and-white and color photographs, some never before published, and an upbeat yet adroitly narrated text by Jerry Hopkins.”

—Midwest Book Review