Environments of Guam

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ISBN: 9781573064538

Environments of Guam is a comprehensive portrait of terrestrial, freshwater, coastal, and marine environments. It takes us on a journey from mountaintops to ocean depths and gives an unprecedented depiction of the island’s astounding natural diversity. This book is an irreplaceable resource for anyone interested in Guam’s nautral heritage, a unique outdoors guide, and an illuminating and locally-focused text for earth and life sciences. A must-read for any lover of nature and Guam!

This book includes

  • 55 maps showing distribution of different environments
  • 250+ color photographs of landscapes, flora, and fauna
  • Explanatory and accessible texts written by specialists
  • A glossary of scientific and less familiar terminology
  • Lists of Chamorro place and species names


Author: Danko Taborosi


flexi-bind   |   148 pages   |   6" x 9.4"   |   color



 “It is common to lament the vulnerability qf island environments and to speak about the need to engage in “sustainability” projects. It is uncommon to remind us in a beautifully textured as well as scientifically rigorous way about·what we seek to sustain and protect. In this work, Danko Taborosi reminds us what is at stake and why so many of us are anxious about the future. It will serve as a sourcebook for educators, policy makers and advocates.for years to come...”
—Robert Underwood, President, University of Guam

“...presents concisely and attractively the rich diversity of habitats and ecological communities on Guam.”
—Chris Lobban, Professor, University of Guam

“I have been an enthusiastic student of Guam’s environments, above and below the water, for 23 years and I still learn something new on every page.”
—Linda Tatreau, Teacher, Marine Biology