Exotic Animals of Hawaiʻi Coloring Book

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ISBN: 9780935848564

Exotic Animals in Hawaiʻi is a coloring book featuring 15 animals in Hawai‘i that were brought or “introduced” to the Hawaiian Islands by man. The word “exotic” refers to things that are foreign, or not native.

On the upper left hand corner of each information page are the words “Polynesian Introduction” or “Foreign Introduction.” “Polynesian Introduction” refer to those animals that were brought to Hawai‘i by the voyaging Polynesians (the Hawaiians) who discovered Hawai‘i over 1000 years ago. These animals include dog, pig, rat, chicken, and gecko. “Foreign Introductions” are animals that were brought to Hawai‘i since the arrival of Westerners over 200 years ago, including the horse, goat, and bullfrog.


by Patrick Ching


paperback   |   32 pages   |   11" x 8.5"   |   coloring book