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Bess Press

Field Guide to the Samoan Archipelago

Field Guide to the Samoan Archipelago

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Field Guide to the Sāmoan Archipelago: Fish Wildlife and Protected Areas features descriptions and beautiful color illustrations of over 400 species of marine and terrestrial fauna found in the ecosystems of Samoa’s coral reefs, ocean waters, sea grass beds, rain forests, mangrove forests and wetlands.


Written and Illustrated by Meryl G. Rose


paperback   |   320 pages   |   4.5" x 6.75"   |   color



“You want fish this field guide has fish. Hundreds of side views in full color, well-illustrated by artist/scientist Goldin.”

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

“Congratulations to Bess Press on the release of Field Guide to the Samoan Archipelago. It’s a well-researched and beautifully researched guide to the fish birds mammals and insects of the Samoan islands...

This book is a must for anyone living in or traveling to the Samoas, and it’s a pleasure for anyone who enjoys well-designed books.”

Pacific Magazine

“... gives the English, Samoan and scientific names for some 500 species of marine and terrestrial fauna that visitors might run across in the islands of Samoa.”

C&RL News


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