Guam: A Natural History

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ISBN: 9781573060462

Written at a 3rd grade reading level, Guam: A Natural History is a thorough introduction to the land, resources, and communities of Guam and its Pacific neighbors in Micronesia. Chapters on island formation and geography, plants, animals, and marine life include up-to-date information and color photographs from experts in the fields of geology and biology. The chapters on Mariana Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, and the Marshall Islands acquaint students with the Pacific community of which Guam is a part.


by Lawrence J. Cunningham, Janice J. Beatty


paperback   |   208 pages   |   8" x 10"   |   color



“This book is a much-needed update to Beaty’s work... The readability of the text is derived from an easy-to-read format, including the use of a larger font and concise paragraphs, and the use of language syntax understandable to the upper, elementary or middle school reader.

This book, developed with the intention of fostering in Guam’s youth an understanding and appreciation of nature, more than meets its goal... educators should consider Guam: A Natural History a vital supplementary text, if not required reading.”

Monique Carriveau Storie, Micronesian Educator