Haku and Sam: A Graphic Adventure in Hawaiʻi

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ISBN: 9781949000221

This is a story about how Haku and Sam become best friends on an island in Hawai'i. There's action, adventure, exploration, invention, intrigue, and above all friendship.

Is your keiki a fan of the Narwhal and Jelly books? This new graphic novel for kids ages 6 to 8 is written and illustrated by local comic book illustrator, Shane Petosa-Sigel. Set in Hawai‘i, Haku and Sam are characters local kids will relate to. Meet Haku and Sam, find out how they become best friends, and follow their antics and adventures in Hawai‘i. Perfect for summer reading and for kids who enjoy the pace and visual reading cues a graphic novel can give. The story is funny, touching, and relatable for any child anxious about making a new friend and having someone to share adventures with.


Author Shane Petosa-Sigel has grown up in Kailua his entire life and has comfortably called it home. Since he was a child, Shane has been drawing comics, writing stories, and creating fictitious worlds to roam. Math homework was often turned in with scribbles and characters living between the margins, notebooks soon became sketchbooks, and the first iterations of many imaginary worlds were realized through countless class notes and scrap papers along the way.

Shane continues to practice and refine his love for comics and storytelling, and hopes that his stories can foster the imaginations of many young readers.


hardcover   |   64 pages   |   6" x 8.25"   |   color