Hawaiʻi the Pacific State 2nd Ed.

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ISBN: 9781573064521

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About Hawai'i the Pacific State 2nd Ed.

Comprehensive Revision Includes:

  • Pre-Contact Hawaiian History and Culture: migrations, people, events, legends, economies
  • Historical Changes and Perspectives: events and perspective contributing to Hawaii cultural evolution pre-contact - 2012
  • Key Ideas/Notes and Vocabulary: historical impacts, events, values, cultural perspectives
  • Roles and Values of Citizenship: systems of governance, civic life, Hawaiian values and class systems
Table of Contents

1) The Formation of the Hawaiian Islands

2) The Coming of Plants and Animals

3) The Coming of the First People

4) Life in Early Hawai‘i

5) Captain Cook Comes to the Hawaiian Islands

6) King Kamehameha I

7) King Kamehameha II

8) Missionaries Arrive

9) King Kamehameha III

10) King Kamehameha IV

11) King Kamehameha V

12) King Lunalilo

13) King Kalākaua

14) Queen Lili‘uokalani

15) Hawai‘i Becomes an American Territory

16) A New Century

17) Between Wars

18) World War II Comes to Hawai‘i

19) The Push for Statehood

20) Hawai‘i Today

21) Our Islands

Hawaiʻi: The Pacific State is a complete, accurate, and up-to-date history of Hawaiʻi. Illustrated with historic as well as modern color photographs, it covers the formation of the islands, the arrival of plants and animals, the coming of the first Hawaiians, island life until Captain Cook’s arrival in 1778, and the resulting development of Pacific trade. From warring chiefs to strong kings, form a monarchy to a territory, the political evolution of Hawaiʻi is traced through the world wars and statehood to the present-day sovereignty movement. Chapters on the individual islands, the changes in agricultural production, the renaissance of Hawaiian culture, and island holidays and festivals make Hawaiʻi: The Pacific State an ideal school text or reference book for the entire family.

Key events are presented from both Hawaiian and Western historical perspectives. This edition includes legends and chants, highlighted content-area vocabulary, new photographs, and artwork from classic and contemporary Hawaiian artists in a colorful, redesigned format.


Edited by Dr. Ann Rayson


hardcover   |   272 pages   |   9.75" x 11.25"   |   color