Hawai‘i Wetland Field Guide

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ISBN: 9781573062688

This field guide is for those who love wetlands and recognize that wetlands are an integral and vital part of healthy tropical ecosystems. It describes wetland delineation, mitigation, restoration and planning, and a new wetland analysis protocol to assist in determining different wetland types in Hawai‘i. This field guide also includes illustrated sections on birds, fishes, and insects commonly found in wetlands in the islands.

More than 200 common wetland plants are described, the majority of which are illustrated. Identification keys are provided that lead to scientific and common names. Additional distribution and notes describe where the plants come from, where they are found, as well as cultural and other useful information. There is a glossary of botanical and ecological terms, an index to al scientific and common names, and references for further reading.



Terrell A. Erickson is a Conservation Biologist for the NRCS Oversight and Evaluation team in Beltsville Maryland. She has worked for the Wetlands/Coastal Zone Management in Washington State before moving to Guam in 1991, where she was a consultant on wetlands then became a resource manager for the US Navy. In 993, she moved to Hawai‘i to work for the Regulatory Branch, Army Corps of Engineers, then served for 9 years as the first State Biologist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service, where she set up wetlands and wildlife cost-sharing programs for private landowners of Hawai‘i. She now works as Conservation Biologist for the NRCS Oversight and Evaluation team in Beltsville, Maryland. Throughout her carrer, Terrell’s passion has been, and continues to be, wetlands.

Dr. Christopher Puttock has worked as a botanist and flora writer for the Flora of Australia project before coming to Hawaiʻi in 1998 as the collections manager of Botany at the Herbarium Pacificum Bishop Museum, and in 2004 as the director of Pacific Center for Molecular Biodiversity, where he became a leader in Hawaiʻi’s conservation efforts. He is currently coordinator and program manager of the Hawai‘i Conservation Alliance, a partnership of 12 government, education, and private agencies, leading Hawai‘i’s environmental conservation efforts. His other publications include environmental management tools, such as Riparian Plant Restoration.


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