Hawaiian And English Cross-Age Learning Picture Vocabulary Book (2021 Reprint)

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ISBN: 9781581780505

This vocabulary book advocates the innovative cross-age learning approach to language learning in a format fun for all ages. Over 850 words to describe everyday items in the Hawaiian language are paired with lively, useful illustrations that children and adults can learn from and color, in categories such as home, neighborhood, school, around the town, life, and others. New to this reprinting are terms for iphone (ʻipona), laptop computer (lolouila halihali), USB flash drive (pā halihali), and other up-to-the-moment words useful right now. With this excellent introduction to the language, children and adults alike will have a robust tool to develop their Hawaiian vocabulary.


Written by Keith Beery

Translated by Kawika Kapahulehua

Illustrated by Jeri J. Johnston 


paperback   |   64 pages   |   8.5" x 11"   |   B&W