Hawai‘i’s Best Spooky Tales 5

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ISBN: 9781573061308

In Hawaiʻi’s Best Spooky Tales 5, the variety of the supernatural events alone is awe-inspiring! Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, you’ll experience that special tingle known in Hawai‘i as “chicken skin” as you read the thirty-four true stories collected here.


Author Rick Carroll is the creator of the bestselling Hawaiʻi's Best Spooky Tales series, collections of true, first-person stories of mysterious encounters in the Hawaiian Islands today. Carroll began collecting oral stories in Hawaiʻi two decades ago; he has brought more than 150 new local authors to print in his Spooky Tales books. Rick is a former daily journalist for the San Francisco Chronicle and author of Hawaiʻi: True Stories of the Island Spirit and IZ: Voice of the People.


paperback   |   143 pages   |   6" x 9"   |   B&W