Hawai‘i’s Best Spooky Tales: The Original

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ISBN: 9781573061216

This is the original collection of spooky tales that started the bestselling Hawaiʻi’s Best Spooky Tales series. These true stories from all over Hawaii are filled with supernatural encounters guaranteed to cause chicken skin. Hawaiʻi’s Best Spooky Tales is a collection of true, inexplicable stories from old and new Hawai'i, told by many people in many voices from many points of view.


Author Rick Carroll is the creator of the bestselling Hawaiʻi's Best Spooky Tales series, collections of true, first-person stories of mysterious encounters in the Hawaiian Islands today. Carroll began collecting oral stories in Hawaiʻi two decades ago; he has brought more than 150 new local authors to print in his Spooky Tales books. Rick is a former daily journalist for the San Francisco Chronicle and author of Hawaiʻi: True Stories of the Island Spirit and IZ: Voice of the People.


paperback   |   126 pages   |   6" x 9"   |   B&W