A History of American Samoa

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ISBN: 9781573062992

A History of American Samoa is a high school level textbook initiated by the Amerika Samoa Humanities Council. The content detailed in the book ranges from the migration, discovery, and inhabitation of the western Pacific (and specifically Samoa), up until today, known as a territory just over 100 years old.

This textbook is a first of its kind, written from the perspective of both oral and written accounts of Samoan history. It covers the geographical formation, historical inhabitation, and development of American Samoa through legends, geography, and timelines that span a time period beginning with the earliest signs of human integration to today’s modern setting.

This text weaves together the historical accounts of a little-known island with its people spread throughout the corners of the globe, through local myth, legend, and authentic biographical information in this comprehensive history of American Samoa.


by Amerika Samoa Humanities Council


hardcover (reinforced binding)   |   384 pages   |   9" x 11.25"   |   color