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A History of Guam

A History of Guam

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While written at a 4th-grade reading level, A History of Guam is a valuable reference for any student of Guam’s history. Enhanced by historical photos from Guam’s museum collections, as well as modern color photos, this carefully researched text brings to life the people and events from ancient to contemporary Guam.


by Lawrence J. Cunningham, Janice J. Beatty


paperback   |   34 pages   |   10" x 8"   |   color



“Lawrence J. Cunningham has thoroughly updated and expanded an earlier version of this book originally written by Janice J. Beaty as a 4th grade level Guam history book... it can be used effectively at even higher levels both as a standard text as well as for supplemental reading.”

Judy Flores, Micronesian Educator

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