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History of the Hawaiian Kingdom

History of the Hawaiian Kingdom

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ISBN: 9781573061506
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Information For Educators

About History of the Hawaiian Kingdom

The subject matter was adapted for use in a one-semester course and is comprised of over 200 photographs, drawings, and primary source documents from archival and private collections. This history of the Hawaiian Kingdom, its people, and its government was written by educators in the schools of Hawai‘i. The original book, Hawaii: Our Island State, was revised and updated to fulfill the resource need covering the recorded historical period from the Western contact era in 1778 to the annexation of Hawai‘i by the United States in 1898 as a single semester course. This current edition focuses on island unification, Cook’s arrival, the kapu system, missionary arrival, early kingdom economy, foreign influence, immigration, constitutional monarchy, land tenure, and the overthrow.

This revised edition of the widely used 7th-grade textbook History of the Hawaiian Kingdom is designed to meet DOE Social Studies Content Standards in a semester-long course. It features:

> Chapters covering unification of the kingdom, contact with Westerners, the Mahele, the influence of the sugar industry, and the overthrow of the monarchy rewritten for easier readability

> New color illustrations including paintings by Herb Kawainui Kane, never-before-published portraits of the monarchs, vintage postcards, and then-and-now photographs

> Photographs, drawings, and primary source documents from local archives and collections.

> Challenging vocabulary defined in the text margins

> Appendixes covering the formation of the islands, Hawaiʻi’s geography, and Polynesian migration

> A timeline and a bibliography


208 pp, 8.5” x 10”
color, hardcover, reinforced binding

Table of Contents

1) Western Arrival: Captain Cook (1775 -1795)

2) King Kamehameha I (1795-1819)

3) The Old Order Changes (1815-1825)

4) New Beliefs

5) The Reign of Liholiho, King Kamehameha II (1819-1824)

6) Whalers and Traders (1825-1854)

7 ) Teachers and Preachers (1820-1854)

8) Foreign Entanglements

9) Sugar and the Land

10) Shifting Influences and King Kamehameha IV (1854-1863)

11) Kamehameha V: The Kamehameha Dynasty Ends (1863-1872)

12) Lunalilo, the People’s Choice (1873-1874)

13) The Reign of Kalākaua (1874-1891)

14) Queen Lili‘uokalani, the Overthrow of the Monarchy, and Annexation (1887-1901)

HCSSS Requirements for this Text