Huliau: An Environmental Documentary

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An educational film about Hawaiʻi’s environment.

R3Image and Pass The Projects paired up to create this documentary gem to educate the youth about the beauty and value of Hawaiʻi’s environment.

Huliau Trailer

David DeLuca wants you to see Huliau. Not because he created and directed the film, but because he wants action. He wants to know what you think about the film and he challenges you to make a tangible change for a more sustainable Hawaiʻi. In fact, he wants our children to watch it, so we can learn from them, firsthand, what it takes to care for the land.

Your own existence is dependent on how you care for the land. Huliau presents our human relationship with the environment as something more than just mere habitation. Guided by a 10-year-old’s narration, this unique 35-minute story takes you on a visually stimulating journey through digital and underwater photography, animation, painted illustrations, archival films, and unique natural settings. Although Huliau was specifically created to target young audiences, this film is accessible to viewers of all ages. This film contains Hawaiian, Pidgin, and English languages.


Directed by David DeLuca


documentary DVD   |   35 minutes   |   5.25" x 7.25"