IʻA Sea Life Coloring Book

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ISBN: 9780912180748

Hawaiʻi’s unique and diverse sea life is presented in a charming coloring book that shows the rich bounty of reef life under the sea. The Hawaiian word i‘a is defined as “fish or any marine animal.” Within I‘A Sea Life Coloring Book, descriptions of the colors, habits and habitats of sea creatures are delightfully hand lettered by Hilo artist, Jan Moon. The rising popularity of coloring images for relaxation and meditation is acknowledged as a soothing therapy for the stresses of modern life. Equally appreciated by children and adults, the I‘A Coloring Book allows anyone to float along with the charming inhabitants of Hawaiian coastal waters, while learning about our precious ocean environment.


Artist Jan Moon has made her home in the Keaukaha neighborhood of Hilo since 1960. Living just a short walk from the ocean has inspired her to study and record the varied sea life she has observed on her frequent swimming and coastal explorations. Adventures beyond Hawai‘i and around the world, including the study of plants and wildlife in the South Pacific and Midway Atoll, make her uniquely qualified to portray the subjects she has long studied. In addition to pen and ink drawings, Moon is well known for her vibrant full color paintings on silk of Hawaiian birds, sea creatures and exotic scenes. Ms. Moon’s illustrations are featured in Hilo Legends, also published by Petroglyph Press.


paperback   |   44 pages   |   8.25" x 11"   |   coloring book