Island Alphabet: Marshallese Alphabet

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ISBN: 9781573062213

The Island Alphabet Books Series, features languages and children’s artwork from the US-affiliated Pacific. Each hardcover book contains the complete alphabet for a specific Pacific language, 4 or 5 examples for each letter, and a word list with English translations. These books are a wonderful starter set for educators, and parents, who wish to introduce culturally relevant images and words into their classrooms.


Author Dr. Lori Phillips currently serves as the Director of the Pacific Center for Arts and Humanities in Education, at Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL) in Honolulu. PREL is a non-profit educational research laboratory that strives to connect educational research with sound teaching and learning practices. PREL serves Hawaii, American Samoa, and Micronesia.

She is responsible for authoring the “Pacific Island Alphabet Series,” children-created image books in 14 Pacific languages, and “Island Worlds,” a film and curriculum about art of the Pacific. Dr. Phillips manages the National Endowment for the Arts Pacific Territories Programs, working with the arts councils throughout the Pacific.

In 2001, she was honored as outstanding arts educator of the year by the Rauchenburg Foundation.


hardcover   |   32 pages   |   6.25" x 7.25"   |   color



“These slim colorful volumes—nine in all—make a beautiful rainbow across my bookshelf... These books will be pressed into service as textbooks as a means of promoting literacy throughout the Pacific... And so my hat is off to Pacific Resources for Education and Learning and Lori Phillips as well as Bess Press...

The Honolulu Advertiser

“... small and easy to carry it, is a sturdy hardback, it is colorful and it is the part of a series that will eventually include 9 different Pacific island language guides.”

The Dispatch

“Each letter of the alphabet is illustrated with three to five pictures so simple any child will see them as child’s art... This is as good a book as the ABC or should I say AEH-teacher type allows. Enjoy!”

Maui Weekly