Island English for Micronesia

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ISBN: 9781573061315

Volcanoes and super-typhoons, crocodiles, dugongs, and monkeys, undersea diving and outrigger canoes, traditional tattoos, clothing and legends—these are just a few of the topics in Island English for Micronesia, the only Developmental English/ESL textbook designed especially for students in the Western Pacific. The book’s outstanding features include:

  • A convenient workbook format
  • Island maps and hundreds of illustrations
  • Activities that encourage the meaningful, purposeful, and creative use of spoken and written English
  • Readings and discussions that increase awareness of the histories, traditions, and current lifestyles of the people of the Marshall Islands, Chuuk, Palau, Pohnpei, Guam, Kosrae, Yap, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Island English for Micronesia is a developmental English/ESL text written for and about the people of the western Pacific: their islands, histories, traditions, and current lifestyles. Includes 32 reading selections covering such topics as active volcanoes in the Northern Marianas, traditional tattoos on Pohnpei, crocodiles in Palau, and outrigger canoes on the outer islands of Chuuk. Each high-interest reading is followed by several easy and not-so-easy questions designed to inspire critical thinking that gets students to put their English to use in a natural way. This communicative approach is also bolstered by 16 short Grammar Reminders, which focus attention on various important though often elusive features of standard English.


Author: Tom Tinkham


paperback   |   256 pages   |   8.75" x 11"   |   B&W