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Island Readers Set # 2

Island Readers Set # 2

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Set 2 / Emerging Reader

Level Concept:

When early readers recognize most of the alphabet letters and the associated sounds of each, then this becomes an ideal phonetic level for them to begin decoding words on their own! Sounding out words and rereading for meaning is what young readers at this level want and it is what this set of books is geared to do.

Set 2 Themes

  • Emerging readers decode simple words
  • Begin reading sentences
  • Gain confidence in reading ability

10 book set

  • A Bus Trip
  • Camp
  • Dan
  • It Was So Hot
  • Jan The Crab
  • Jin And The Box
  • Kim And Tim
  • My Pup
  • On The Sand
  • The Vet


By Sarah DeLuca

Drawings by Ann Corum

Design by Joseph Abad


paperback   |   10 book set   |   16-24 pages/book   |   5.5" x 8.5"   |   full color


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