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Life in Early Hawai‘i: The Ahupua'a, 3rd Edition

Life in Early Hawai‘i: The Ahupua'a, 3rd Edition

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This classic companion text and teacher’s manual can be used with the Ahupuaʻa Poster describes many of the daily activities, plants, and animals that define precontact Hawaiian life as depicted in the poster.

Selected areas throughout the poster are cross-referenced with explanations. Depictions of the activities provide glimpses into the traditions, economy, political structure, relationships, and daily life of a community defined by the ahapua‘a’s boundaries. Clear and detailed line drawings of the many plants and animals depicted in the poster are accompanied by explanations of their use, importance, and habitat.

 Together, the poster and book are invaluable resources for learning how ancient Hawaiians managed their resources in a self-sustaining and yet environmentally sensible manner that offers many lessons for today.

 Includes glossary, index, and expanded reading list.


by Kamehameha Schools Hawaiian Studies Institute staff


paperback   |   74 pages   |   8.5" x 11"   |   B&W


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