Madame Pele: True Encounters With Hawai‘i’s Fire Goddess

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ISBN: 9781573061452

In these stories from twenty-three contributors, Pele takes a variety of forms: a four-year-old sees a ‘lady in a crimson dress’; others see lights or simply feel a presence; drivers pick up hitchhikers—old women, young women—who mysteriously disappear. Pele announces a birth, commemorates a death, issues warnings, delivers blessings and curses. Is she a spirit, a legend, or a reality? Itʻs up to  you to decide.


Author Rick Carroll's six-book Hawai‘i’s Best Spooky Tales series is a local besteller. His other books about Hawai‘i include Great Outdoor Adventures of Hawaii, Hawai‘i: True Stories of the Island SpiritThe Unofficial Guide to Hawaii, and The Unofficial Guide to Maui.


paperback   |   127 pages   |   6" x 9"   |   B&W