The Magic Shark Learns to Cook

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ISBN: 9781573062336

A favorite character from The Three Little Pigs and the Magic Shark returns in a new role. Readers of all ages will laugh at his bumbling attempts at learning to cook, and children and their parents will enjoy making the delicious local recipes, which are charmingly incorporated into the illustrations.


Author Donivee Martin Laird is an elementary teacher at an independent school in Honolulu. She began writing children’s stories in 1980 to supply the literature component of a unit on Hawaiʻi she was teaching to preschoolers. 

Illustrator Carol Ann Johnson and Laird formed their own publishing company, Barnaby Books, in 1981, and launched their first book The Three Little Hawaiian Pigs and the Magic Shark. More titles followed and today there are over 200,000 copies of their books in print.


hardcover   |   48 pages   |   8.25" x 9"   |   color



The Magic Shark Learns to Cook by Donivee Martin Laird, caters to children ages 6 to 10. The book includes local recipes that kids can make such as Frosty Papaya Smoothies, Toasted Tuna Sandwiches and Sharkyʻs Hawaiian French Toast. Cooking terminology health and safety tips and kitchen procedures and measurements are also explained.”

- Hawaii Parent