Making Eyelash Crochet Leis

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ISBN: 9781573061803

With Coryn Tanaka and May Masaki’s newly released Making Eyelash Crochet Leis, creating lifelike permanent multi-textured and multicolored lei is easier than ever. Using the information provided in the book, crafters can…

  • Custom-make beautiful ribbon and yarn lei which are washable and uncrushable for any recipient and any occasion.
  • Recreate traditional floral lei ‘oni (lei with a spiral or flickery pattern) and lei humu papa (flat lei with flowers and leaves sewn to a backing)
  • Combine multitextured ribbons and specialty yarns in an endless variety of designs
  • Design hatbands, head or neck lei, wristlets, anklets, or hair ornaments

This book provides

  • A supply list and step-by-step insturctions
  • Simple patterns for a variety of multicolored lei designs and styles
  • 51 designs, with photographs, arranged by color and style for easy selection
  • A list of school colors for Hawaiʻi high schools and colleges


Authors May Masaki & Coryn Tanaka are a mother and daughter team. They design and create ribbon lei, offering classes at community centers and at Flora-Dec Sales Inc. They own and operate U & Me Crafts Inc. and hold many international copyrights on their ceramic pieces which have been sold around the world.


spiral-bound   |   48 pages   |   9" x 11"   |   color



“Large close-up color photos illustrate each step along the way to completion... Not to forget either—these leis are worry-free un-crushable and can be washed.”

The Dispatch