Map of Micronesia (Flat)

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ISBN: 9781573063319

The Map of Micronesia is the premiere color map focused on one of the largest regions of the Pacific. Released in 2013, this map stands alone with its atlas and geographical approach of depicting the islands making up Micronesia. Each island section is enlarged with hi-resolution digital cartography of entire islands chains. Corresponding drop boxes detail the historical, political, economic, and general demographic information of all main islands.

The double lamination applied to this map allows for long-term durability and use in all climates. Graphics include hill shading and ocean shading to help explain the detail and variation of heights and depths.

Graphic features:

  • Blow up inserts of main islands
  • Available for the first time to educators in the Pacific
  • Miller cylindrical cartography applied to create even and undistorted clarity
  • Double lamination for durability and dry-erase marking
  • Most up-to-date cartography of the world and the Pacific
  • Includes flags of Micronesia
  • Basic statistical facts of main islands


flat map   |   double lamination   |   54" x 37"   |   color