Marshall Island Legends and Stories

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ISBN: 9781573061407

In Marshall Island Legends and Stories, Daniel A. Kelin II preserves the qualities of oral storytelling in 50 stories recorded from 18 storytellers on 8 islands and atolls. This lively collection includes something for everyone: origin stories, tales of mejenkwaad and other demons, tricksters, disobedient children, wronged husbands, foolish suitors, and reunited families — all relaying the importance of traditional Marshallese values and customs. Profiles of the storytellers, a glossary, and a pronunciation guide enrich the collection.



Daniel A. Kelin II, an award-winning educa­tor, director, actor, storyteller, and playwright, is the Director of Drama Education with the Honolulu Theatre for Youth. In his work with the youth group Jodrikdrik Nan Jodrikdrik Ilo Ejmour in the Marshall Islands, he uses drama­tizations of Marshallese folklore to explore social issues.

Nashton T. Nashon, of Majuro, Marshall Islands, consulted elders and researched tradi­tional Marshallese history and culture to create the drawings and tattoo design for Marshall Island Legends and Stories.


paperback   |   272 pages   |   7" x 10"   |   B&W



“... an introduction to a culture that has sent us many new residents in recent years and has received new attention as a result of Honolulu writer Robert Barclays well-regarded first novel Melal set in the Marshalls.”

The Honolulu Advertiser

“Readers are going to be delighted with the new Marshall Islands Legends and Stories, a collection of some 50 tales from 18 Marshallese storytellers... This collection is expansive...”

The Marshall Islands Journal

“... has a weakness for a good story that is well-told, and he collected these from the Marshalls. Many have never been published. Includes a glossary and pronunciation guide.”

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

“... an entertaining and richly presented collection of oral folklore featuring 50 stories recorded from 18 storytellers on 8 Marshall islands and atolls.”

The Bookwatch