Māui, Mischievous Hero

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ISBN: 9780912180809

"The Maui story probably contains a larger number of unique and ancient myths than that of any other legendary character in the mythology of any nation.” William Drake Westervelt Māui is a mythic figure known throughout Polynesia who lifts up the heavens, and fishes up islands from beneath the sea with his magic fishhook; a folk hero that snares the sun to make it move more slowly, and shares the secret of making fire. Māui is the mischief maker, benefactor, worker of miracles. As a demigod he used his supernatural power to benefit his people; but he also loved to play pranks. Māui is well loved for his mixture of human and godlike qualities. Stories of Māui have been passed on for countless generations, spread far and wide due to the great seafaring prowess of voyagers sailing across the vast area of Moananuiakea, the Pacific Ocean.

In Hawaiian folklore he is known for slowing the sun to help his mother, Hina, have time for her kapa to dry. He pulls the Hawaiian islands from the sea and rescues Hina from the vicious mo‘o Kuna. His exploits are vast and varied; the best known among them are The Seven Great Deeds of Māui, which are collected and retold here. Author Barbara Baldwin Lyons and illustrator Dietrich Varez shared a passion for Hawaiian culture, folklore and storytelling. Both of these treasured kama‘aina have left us, but their enduring legacy remains. Their work is combined in this volume to bring these classic tales to a new generation of readers.


Written by Barbara Baldwin Lyons

Illustrated by Dietrich Varez


paperback   |   56 pages   |   5.5" x 8.5"   |   B&W