May Day / Lei Day - flip book

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ISBN: 9781573062886

For centuries, the Kingdoms of Hawaiʻi and Great Britain have shared an admiration for celebrations, royalty and flowers. That connection is explored in Minako Ishii’s flip book May Day/Lei Day. May Day tells of the origin of this special celebration in England over 700 years ago and describes how Hawaiʻi came to embrace it. 

Lei Day describes how local customs commemorate Hawaiʻi’s royal history and details the significance of color and materials used to make the beautiful lei. Simple lei-making instructions are included so Hawaiʻi’s keiki can make a lei of their very own. Beautiful photographs show how this day is celebrated throughout Hawaiʻi. The unique binding creates two books in one!


Author Minako Ishii’s travels as a senior business analyst with Sony furthered an early interest in world cultures. Her photographs — which have appeared in international, national, and Hawaiʻi publications — and her business Beyond Borders reflect her belief in both the importance of cultural preservation and in children’s potential to bridge boundaries. She is also the author of the children’s flip book Girls’ Day/Boys’ Day


hardcover   |   64 pages   |   7.25" x 7.25"   |   color   |   flip book