Mele the Crab Finds the Way Out

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ISBN: 9781933835099

Mele is a young crab who does whatever it takes to win, stepping on others and pushing them out of her way. When Mele is captured and trapped in a bucket, she discovers that her actions have alienated her from her friends, and they will not let her escape! As Mele begins to give in to despair, the memory of her Tūtū’s words of wisdom inspires her to change her ways. Mele discovers that putting others first is the right way to live.


Written by Gail Omoto / Jan & Judy Dill

Illustrated by Garrett Omoto

Includes companion Read Along CD–Narrated by Nina Keali‘iwahamana


hardcover   |   32 pages   |   12.25" x 9.25"   |   color