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Modern History of Hawaiʻi

Modern History of Hawaiʻi

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ISBN: 9781573062091
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About Modern History of Hawai'i

The history of Hawai‘i has been earmarked by change and this continues today. This edition covers the period of 1891-2010s. This edition is constructed off primary source
documents, period newspapers, and contemporary voices in an effort to present an objective and balanced account of Hawai‘i. The following content topics are covered: causes and effects of the overthrow, annexation perspectives, social impacts of the overthrow, labor in Hawai‘i, Hawai‘i in the global world, impacts of Pearl Harbor (construction, uses, and war), political impacts of WWII in Hawai‘i, democratic party rise, contemporary socio-economics, the Hawaiian Renaissance, and Hawai‘i issues today.


240 pp, 8.5” x 10”
color, hardcover, reinforced binding
SKU: 978157306209

Table of Contents

1 ) The Overthrow of the Monarchy

2) American Hawai‘i

3) Prince Kūhiō and the Hawaiian Homestead Act

4) The Plantation System

5) Between the Wars

6) War Comes to Hawai‘i

7) Hawai‘i’s Contribution to the War

8) Labor and the Democratic Party

9) The Drive for Statehood

10) Hawai‘i: 25 Years of Statehood

11) The Sovereignty Movement

12) Issues of Today and Tomorrow

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