Modern History of Hawaiʻi

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ISBN: 9781573062091

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Table of Contents

1 ) The Overthrow of the Monarchy

2) American Hawai‘i

3) Prince Kūhiō and the Hawaiian Homestead Act

4) The Plantation System

5) Between the Wars

6) War Comes to Hawai‘i

7) Hawai‘i’s Contribution to the War

8) Labor and the Democratic Party

9) The Drive for Statehood

10) Hawai‘i: 25 Years of Statehood

11) The Sovereignty Movement

12) Issues of Today and Tomorrow

Modern History of Hawai‘i was created to fulfill the specific needs articulated by Hawai‘i’s high school social studies teachers. It is a comprehensive history of Hawai‘i from 1891 to 2012 suitable for all readers. Beginning with the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy and continuing to the Republic, Annexation, the Territorial years of World Wars I and II, statehood in 1959, the Hawaiian Renaissance and the ongoing sovereignty movement, and current economic, social, political, and cultural issues, Modern History of Hawai‘i presents a balanced, accurate, and readable history which includes essays by and about well-known leaders in the Hawaiian community.


by Dr. Ann Rayson


hardcover   |   240 pages   |   8.5" x 10"   |   color