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The Musubi Man’s New Friend

The Musubi Man’s New Friend

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In The Musubi Man’s New Friend, the feisty ball of rice who outran and outwitted a pack of pursuers in The Musubi Man: Hawaii’s Gingerbread Man makes a lovable friend and takes on a new challenge. In typical local style, he outsurfs his new pursuers, but soon he’s running again with surprising results.


“The Musubi Man is back in a charming new adventure that’s sure to become a local classic... Pat Hall’s cheery illustrations add to the satisfying story which actually made me laugh out loud. Rare to find a sequel that’s as good as the original but here you have it.”

- The Honolulu Advertiser

“Now fans of Takayama’s first book can enjoy a sequel: The Musubi Man’s New Friend. In this 24-page book illustrated by Pat Hall, the musubi man surfs all day dodging hungry sea creatures but he eventually gets bored. Then one day he makes a new friend and that leads to another fast-paced adventure.”

- Hawaii Westways

The Musubi Man’s New Friend follows the adventures of the musubi man as he meets a surfer and learns to ride waves... Takayama uses some pidgin terms throughout the text to give the work a true local flavor.”

- West Oahu Current 


Sandi Takayama has been a school librarian in Hawaiʻi for 15 years. As a child she enjoyed writing stories and often made up her own endings to familiar tales. She lives in Mililani with 4 Spam musubi-loving children and a wonderful husband who understands her need to scribble in notebooks at odd hours of the night. 


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