Mwa Machang / Hey Birdy

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ISBN: 9781573066662

Traditional Micronesian storytelling is oral, meaning the stories can be spoken, chanted, or sung. These stories can also vary based on the language or dialect used by the storyteller. “Mwa Machang” is a story from Chuuk, where many dialects are spoken. In this version it is retold as it was passed down to the author from her grandmother. The tale teaches the values of communication and friendship and is retold in English and a mixture of Chuukese dialects. The Chuukese language is presented without diacritical marks to allow fluent Chuukese readers the freedom to pronounce the words as they are spoken in their respective dialect.

  • juvenile fiction, social topics
  • target age: 4-8 years old


Author Innocenta Sound-Kikku, fondly referred to as Mama Inno, is an experienced community health navigator for the Chuukese in Hawaiʻi. She is the founder and coordinator of Pacific Voices, a cultural arts and literacy program with Kokua Kalihi Valley’s (KKV) Youth Services. She is also the founder of KKV’s NieiRek Micronesian women empowerment program.

Illustrator Lissette Yamase is a self-taught charcoal artist who creates art in the hopes of preserving and celebrating the profound stories, cultures, and values of the islands she calls home. Lissette was born on the island of Palau and was raised on the islands.


flexi-bind   |   32 pages   |   12" x 8"   |   color