Myths and Legends of Hawaiʻi Coloring Book

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ISBN: 9781573062121

Myths and Legends of Hawaiʻi Coloring Book introduces the gods, goddesses, and demigods of Hawaiʻi in simply told stories of cleverness and courage. For budding artists, as well as students of Hawaiian culture, it is entertaining and instructive for all ages.


by Ben W. Holokai Jr.


paperback   |   32 pages   |   8.75" x 11"  |   coloring book



“The artwork has a distinctly vintage-comic feel with larger-than-life musclebound men and lissome long-haired maidens... Myths and Legends is more than a coloring book. Each two-page spread includes a short retelling of a myth, with a Hawaiian and English vocabulary to help children understand the terms, along with a full-page drawing illustrating the story.”

- The Honolulu Advertiser

“For kids who like to color - something that even adults do too - a rather intricate coloring book with a Hawaiian theme is now available. Myths and Legends of Hawaii Coloring Book by artist Ben Holokai Jr. is as instructive as it is engaging. Powerful outline drawings depicting 15 different tales are ready for crayons.”

- The Dispatch

“I highly recommend the Myths and Legends of Hawaii Coloring Book by Ben W. Holokai Jr. The left pages throughout are brief retellings of Hawaiian myths. Right pages are drawings, illustrating the legends that are so beautiful that only a child could think of coloring them. No that’s not true. I think of it too... Each drawing will support the simplest coloring skill but will also reward the most ambitious parent with a handful of colored pencils... Enjoy!”

- Maui Weekly