Nānā i ke Kumu (Look to the Source), Vol. 3

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ISBN: 9780578662688

Contributors: Lynette K. Paglinawan, Richard Paglinawan, Dennis Kauahi, Valli Kalei Kanuha Illusrations by ʻĪmaikalani Kalāhele | Paperback This third volume of Nānā i ke Kumu presents ancient and fundamental Hawaiian values and traditions associated with grieving and healing practices with the goal of addressing modern-day family conflicts, including drug addiction, abandonment, divorce, incarceration, and domestic violence. This book is intended to inspire those who work with Hawaiian families and individuals—teachers, clergy, medical practitioners, social workers, law enforcement, and community leaders. It will empower individuals who seek to integrate a more meaningful understanding of Hawaiian beliefs into their lives. The authors have striven to represent the collective mana‘o of Tūtū Pukui and their respective kūpuna, and the individuals with whom they have worked for decades.

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