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Native Animals of Hawaii Coloring Book

Native Animals of Hawaii Coloring Book

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Native Animals of Hawai‘i is a coloring book designed to familiarize you with the special animals of Hawai‘i. All of the animals in this book are native to Hawai‘i; that means they arrived in the islands without the help of man.

At the upper left corner of each information page is the word “Endemic,” “Indigenous,” or “Migratory.” Endemic animals exist only in Hawai‘i while indigenous animals are native animals that live in Hawai‘i as well as in other parts of the world.

If the word “Threatened” or “Endangered” appears in the upper right corner of the information page, it is to indicate the survival status of the animal as it is classified by the federal government. A large percentage of the threatened or endangered species in the US are in Hawai‘i.


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