Noa the Puhi Learns to Let Go

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ISBN: 9781933835228

Noa the Puhi Learns to Let Go follows the journey of a Hawaiian eel who discovers the importance of letting go of negative emotions that cause harm to his relationships with others. 

Noa has a tendency to hold on to misunderstandings with the same energy that he holds on to things with his jaws. He ends up listening to the wise advice of his Tūtū (grandparent). With the encouragement and loving support of his friends, not only does he learn a valuable lesson for himself, but also one that we can all learn too.


Written by Gail Omoto / Jan & Judy Dill

Illustrated by Garrett Omoto

Includes companion Read Along CD–Narrated by Robert Cazimero


hardcover   |   32 pages   |   12.25" x 9.5"   |   color