Only in Hawai'i Journal (blank journal)

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ISBN: 9781573065450

“Only in Hawai‘i!” How many times have you said that? Hawai‘i is like no other state. As the only island state, we are isolated and insulated in many ways. And because this is a place of diverse ethnic groups and cultures, we have a quality of “all-mix-up” charm. We hold on to traditions, but mix it up with the traditions of various cultures.

Certain things are very dear to islanders. Food, parties, and hospitality are among the most important. Much of what we do is tied to the “Aloha Spirit,” a genuine expression of love, sharing, and generosity, given freely and graciously.

Locals know how to laugh at themselves. As you write, draw, and read through this journal you will see people you know in it. Why do we do some of the things that seem so silly to outsiders? I guess it is because locals are what they are: sometimes silly, mostly unpretentious, often times innovative and creative, gracious, and fun loving. We have adapted to island living, put up with the perils of paradise, and do things that happen only in Hawai‘i.

This Only in Hawai‘i Journal chronicles some of our ways and eccentricities, and lets you fill the spaces in-between. I hope you will get a chuckle out of this journal, and that if you are new to the ways of Hawai‘i peoples that you will get some insight into the way we are.

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- 144 unlined pages

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by Ann Kondo Corum


blank journal   |   144 unlined pages   |   7.25" x 8.25"   |   B&W