Pidgin To Da Max

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ISBN: 9780935848410

A local favorite, Pidgin To Da Max is an amusingly illustrated dictionary of Pidgin English.


Conceived, written and illustrated by Douglas Simonson (Peppo) in collaboration with Ken Sakata and Pat Sasaki


paperback   |   112 pages   |   7.5" x 9.25"   |   B&W



“If you've been around the islands for a while you must have run into Peppo’s Pidgin to Da Max 1981, its sequel Peppo’s Pidgin to Da Max Hana Hou 1992, and the companion volume Hawaii to Da Max 1992. The news is good. All three books are back in print or still in print? whatevahs yeah!

Pidgin to Da Max is a kind of pidgin dictionary with words ranging from act, as in no act, meaning don’t show off or be cool, all the way to zoris, defined here as sleepahs. Douglas Simonson, aka Peppo, has illustrated the whole book with great and very funny cartoons.”

Maui Weekly

“Now if you really want to have some fun with pidgin these are two great books... the book is in a cartoon format and presents commonly used pidgin words in dictionary order- there’s really no other way to do it... While reading these books you’ll be quite amazed at the versatility of pidgin even if you can’t quite understand it yet!”