Plants of Hawai‘i—How to Grow Them

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ISBN: 9780912180717

Hawai‘i is a perfect place for gardeners—islands where almost any plant will thrive year round. Plants of Hawai‘i—How to Grow Them explores this verdant environment, examining both ornamental and food plants common to gardens in Hawai‘i. This easy–to–read book contains a description of each plant and its origins, as well as information about propagation, culture, and pest control. The latest edition of this gardening classic includes a new chapter on Integrated Pest Management, earth–friendly recipes for pest control and a list of gardening resources. New chapters on Hibiscus and Heliconia have been added. Photos by award–winning photographer Jack Jeffrey will enhance the reader’s experience. Whether planting ornamentals for artistic expression or enjoying home-grown food for nutrition, sustainability, and economics, let Plants of Hawai‘i—How to Grow Them be your guide.


by Fortunato Teho


paperback   |   124 pages   |   5.5" x 8.5"   |   B&W text w/color photographs