Ruling Chiefs of Hawaiʻi (Revised Edition, HC)

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ISBN: 9780873360159

This is the history of Hawai‘i from the great chief ‘Umi, 8 generations before Kamehameha the Great, throug the reign of Kamehameha III. Major events include Kamehameha’s birth, rise to power, and consolidation of the Hawaiian kingdoms; the arrival of Captain James Cook; the coming of traders and missionaries; and the poitics of the Hawaiian kingdom through the death of Kamehameha III in 1854. Written from 1866 through 1871 by one of Hawai‘i’s greatest historians, Ruling Chiefs of Hawaii is an essential element in any collection of Hawaiian resources.


by S.M. Kamakau


hardcover   |   528 pages   |   6.75" x 9.75"   |   B&W